Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sarawak 1927 50 cents

Sarawak 1927 50 cents

Sarawak 50 cents coin dated 1927H
Mintage : 200,000
Silver :400 fine

Sarawak coins are hard to come by due to it's low mintage.

Most of the these coins were melted down during the World War 2 and Sarawak coins are sought after by colletors, especially the bigger denomination e.g. 50 cents

Sarawak is one of the two Malaysian states on the island of Borneo. Situated on the north-west of the island, Sarawak is larger than its sister state, Sabah.


Coins of Sararak
The State of Sarawak issued its own coins at intervals from 1841 through 1941. The coins of Malaya and British Borneo, however, circulated freely in Sarawak. The first coin with the denomination of one Keping was minted at a private mint in Birmingham in 1842 bearing the date September 24, 1841, the date of which the first Rajah, Sir James Brooke, acquired Sarawak.

From 1863 onwards, the coins were minted at the Ralph Heaton and Sons Mint, Birmingham, England (after 1879, it was known as the Mint Birmingham Limited). The three ‘White Rajahs’ featured on the coins of Sarawak were Sir James Brooke, Sir Charles Johnson Brooke and Sir Charles Vyner Brooke.