Saturday, October 24, 2020

1881s Morgan Double Die

This is another common date but something interesting about this coin - is this double die?

I have heard of the "hot lips", those Morgan dollars that were struck at the New Orleans Mint in 1888 with a doubled die obverse that produced significant doubling of Miss Liberty’s lips, nose and chin and the other is the 1901 Double Die Reverse but for this 1881s Morgan, the date on "1881" looks like a double die

What is exciting to that is that this Morgan coin is in GEM condition, absolutely beautiful, sharp details with rich lustre


From the first picture below even without close up, you can actually see the "double effect" on the date 1881

1881s Morgan error

1881s Morgan

Morgan Dollar 1881s

1881s Morgan Dollar double die

1881s Morgan dd

Morgan 1881s Error

1881s Morgan double die