Wednesday, April 24, 2019

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar DMPL

US Morgan 1921 DMPL MS63. This is another of my favourite coin, a hard to find Deep Mirror Morgan for this particular year

I like the DMPL Morgans and I try to collect as many as possible.

These are harder to find compare to the regular strikes. The mirror surface is just beautiful. You can see your reflection on the surface of the coin

1921 is the last year for the Morgan Silver Dollar which was replaced by the Peace dollar. 1921'P' is a common year with a mintage of 44,690,000

Although a common year, 1921 is not known for DMPL coins and it is harder to find them for this year.
PCGS mentioned "that Deep Mirrored Prooflikes and Prooflikes are very scarce for the 1921-P. A fair amount of the prooflikes exhibit cloudy spots due to storage contamination. It is very diffcult to find good cameo contrast between the devices with the 1921, only a handfull can be said to have it." ( Key West Collection)

This is a 1921 Morgan graded by PCI MS63 DMPL. Although graded by PCI, it is still a DMPL. Take a look at the photos
I might sent it to PCGS to reslab


Morgan Silver Dollar_1921_DMPL