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18th Century India Gold Fanam

18th Century India Gold Fanam Gold Fanam Sect : PC Cat : NCC 10Aug08 23:15
18th Century India Gold Fanam
Zamorin’s Viraraya fanam
Calicut mint

This gold fanam belongs to Viraraya period, minted around 1800
The Vira Raya Fanam waw struck over a long period of time and eventually, over a dozen versions
materialised. The fanam was called Viraraya, vir-raya, viraya or rati fanam, translated as the plough fanam

This picture you are looking at is knows as Zamorin’s Viraraya fanam. It was firstly struck by the Kolathiri raja of Chirakkal
The designs on the fanam has never being fully explained or known. Some interpretation that pattern symbolizes a crocodile,
conch shell, a standing figure, the double lines meant a plough or double plough.
Then the number of dots attributed to the 12 rasi (from the Rasi fanam) or signs of the Zodiac

The fanam looks like it is MINT condition
Great details and some lustre. Hard to come by in this great condition