Wednesday, April 24, 2019

1995 Double Die Lincoln Cent graded by NGC MS66

1995 Double Die Lincoln Cent graded by NGC MS66

When a coin is struck from a die, it imprints the image onto a coin.
The doubling usually occurs during the die hubbing process, where more than one image is transferred
from the hub to the coin die. On a "Double Die" Error, one of the dies within this process becomes
misaligned upon the second strike, and this results in a double image.

What makes this error cent interesting is that modern technologies in the minting process have nearly
eliminated the chances of double-die errors from happening again.

This 1995 Double die cent is a real beauty. Bright red and shiny

Take a look at the close up pictures.
The error on this coin is most readily visible in the doubling of the letters in “Liberty” and “In God We"


I have enlarged the pictures for your viewing.
Beautiful coin. The pictures speak for itself