Wednesday, April 24, 2019

US Trade Dollar 1875s

US Trade Dollar 1875s


US Trade Dollar 1875s - UNC

Mirror Surface

Trade dollars are not known for Mirrored Surface but
this Trade dollar has a nice mirror surface

There are some light contact marks on the coin
and also evidence of very light cleaning
But overall, a beautiful coin in UNC Condition
Weight of coin is 27.2 Grams









: These pictures are from the same angles
a comparison side by side - to show the depth of
the mirror surface and the details of the coin

These are some close up pictures of the coin
for your viewing and examination.
Look at the sharp details

The US Trade Dollar coins were minted at the mints in San Francisco, Carson City and Philadelphia. They were produced mainly for trading in Asia , and not wanting to lose out to the Great Britain, Spain, France, and especially the Reales from Mexico. These were circulated crown size silver coins in Asia. The Reales were the preferred coin because of the highter silver content.

US wanted the Trade Dollars Silver coin to be the preferred choice in Asia. The Trade dollar had a higher silver content than the Seated Liberty Dollars and Morgan Dollars, to compete with these foreign trade coins.

Many of the Trade Dollars found today exhibits chopmarks. These were counterstamps from Asian merchants, traders to certify to the authenticity of the Silver coins. Many trade coins from the Great Britain , China, Korea, Mexico and Japan also bear these chopmarks.

Today, some of the more fascinating chopmarks can are actually sought after by collectors