Saturday, October 24, 2020

Buffalo Nickel dated 1936 - GEM BU

Buffalo Nickel dated 1936 - GEM BU

The Buffalo nickel is one of those numismatic coins that I admire. I like the artistic design and this is one of favorite coins among collectors in the US

It is estimated that over 1.2 billion Buffalo Nickels were minted from 1913 to 1938 at Philadelphia (no mint mark), San Francisco (S), and Denver (D). Most Indian Head nickels were removed from circulation in the 1950s and 1960s in various degrees of wear. By the end of 1937, planning for the new design to replace the Buffalo was way. It was to be replaced by the Jefferson Nickel which continues in production to this day.
This is a common date 1936 buffalo nickel and this is in GEM BU condition
It has sharp details and beautiful luster. I have taken many close up pictures of this coin

I did think of sending this Buffalo nickel to PCGS for grading but it will cost me quite alot of money.
The shipping to and fro is already quite expensive. I'll consider about it

The buffalo nickel was designed by James Earle Fraser. It featured a profile of a native Indian on the obverse and a Bison on the reverse

There were estimated 1.2 billion buffalo nickels issued during the 26 year life of the coin. Only one date, the 1926s had a mintage of less than 1 million. There were no buffalo nickels were minted in the years 1922, 1932, or 1933

The buffalo is considered to be one of the best design ever used on American coinage. In year 2001, the US Mint reused the design on the 2001 commemorative buffalo silver dollar. The design was reused again for the American Buffalo gold bullion coin that began in 2006.

1936 Buffalo Nickel Reverse

One word to describe this coin - "WOW"