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1996 American Silver Eagle Key Date

1996 American Silver Eagle

This is the Main Key Date of the American Silver Eagle coin series

The American Silver Eagle has 2 "key" dates, one in Mint state and the other in Proof.

The 1995-W Proof is considered the "key" of the silver eagle and is worth a handsome 4 figure as a raw coin. It was only released with the set of 4 gold coin making it a 5 coin set of the 1/10 ounce 1/25 ounce 1/50 ounce and 1 ounce of gold and the 1 ounce of silver.

The other is the 1996 Silver eagle, the main key date of the Mint Silver Eagles. It has the lowest mintage of 3,603,386 and is a favourite date among collectors



One of the reasons why the 1996 Silver Eagle is often sought after is because this key date has performed better than other dates, and has more than tripled over the past couple of years.

Take a look at the prices here -

I have taken some close up pictures of this 1996 American Silver Eagle. The surface is almost flawless. Once in a while, when you come across a nice coin, you will just say "WOW". This is one of them

The reverse displays a new heraldic eagle with a 13-stripe shield and 13-star cluster honoring the original states. Each coin is about an 1.5 inches in diameter and contains one troy ounce of pure silver.

American Silver Eagle 1996

American Eagles are official legal tender bearing the face value and official mottos- E Pluribus Unum, In God We Trust, and the seal of the U.S. Treasury.

Highly prized for their beauty and silver content, American Eagles are the largest silver dollars ever issued by the U.S. Mint. These American Eagles are "Official Legal Tender" guaranteed by the U.S. government as to weight, silver content, and face value.








These are my collection of 1996 Silver Eagles. All taken out of the tube and each individually encased in air tite capsule


1996 Silver Eagle