Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Britannia 1oz Silver Coin year 2000

The Royal Mint has been producing the Silver Britannia Coins every year since 1997 and it is now becoming a popular coin desired by many collectors. The sheer beauty of the coin is amazing

The Britannia £2 coin has been struck in Britannia silver, an alloy of silver containing 95.8% silver and the rest of copper. The Britannia standard of silver was introduced as part of the recoinage of William III in 1696 in an attempt to limit the clipping and melting of sterling silver coinage, it being reasoned that there would be less incentive to melt sterling silver when a higher standard was used for ‘wrought plate’.

In 1697 Britannia silver became the obligatory standard for items of plate’ and the lion passant guardant hallmark was replaced with ‘the figure of a woman commonly called Britannia’. Sterling silver was approved again for use by silversmiths in 1720 with Britannia silver remaining optional.

This beautiful Silver Britannia coin has a diameter of 40mm and the mintage is limited to 100,000 coins every year. With Silver content of 95.8% silver, the total weight is 32.454 grams with 31.102 grams of Silver, which is 1 ounce Silver.

Compare to the American Silver Eagle, Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, Australian Kookaburra, the Mexican Silver Libertad which have mintages in the millions. The mintage of Silver Britannia coins is considered low, even when compared to the China Silver Panda Coin which is known of it's low mintage.

The Obverse
Fourth Portrait
From 1998, as with all British coins, the obverse design changed to the "fourth portrait", showing a more mature likeness of The Queen.




















In my opinion, the Silver Britannia coins are worthy contenders for investment. For example, the key date for the 1996 American Silver Eagle has a mintage of 3,603,386 is now retailing for USD $65 and above for a raw coin. Silver Britannia is just limited to 100,000 worldwide. With the growing interest and collectors worldwide, it is just a matter of time that the value of the Silver Britannia coins will increase in value. In year 2004, these were retailing for USD $16 each. It is now worth 3 times more.

I have the coin dated 2000. It depicts the classic standing Britannia, which can also be seen repeated in year 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Created by Philip Nathan, Britannia is depicted adorned in flowing robes standing proud in defence of Britain’s shores. Notice the motifs the trident, the shield and the helmet. The design recalls the design used on florins of Edward VII.





















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