Wednesday, April 24, 2019

1963 $1 Star Notes



in running serial numbers x 10

I bought this set of Star Notes several years ago
It was supposed to be
F40095701 * - F40095710 * in consecutive running serial numbers
But the last 3 digits inbetween was "806, 807 and 808"
I only realised this much later but anyway, the notes are in great condition

F40095701 * to F40095705 * (5 pcs)
F40095806 * to F40095808 * (3 pcs)
F40095709 * to F40095710 * (2 pcs)

Notes are in MINT condition. No folds, crips, sharp edges.
This first piece has a slight brown toning at the top center


A star note is a United States bank note that has an asterisk (*), or star after the serial number.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing inspects currency for printing errors prior to releasing notes into general circulation. When notes are discovered that have been printed incorrectly, such as having the serial numbers upside down, etc, these misprinted notes, or error notes are replaced with star notes because no two bills can be produced with the same serial number.

They are used to maintain a correct count of notes in a serial number run. "Star notes" are more scarce than notes with standard serial numbers and as such are widely collected by hobbyists.

I have taken some more pictures for your viewing


Star Notes are the most valuable and sought after type of US Currency produced in this decade! Star Notes are actually replacement notes substituted by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving when dollar bills are made with Errors or Misprints. When an Error is made, and not suitable for circulation as determined by the BEP's inspectors, it is destroyed! It is against policy to produce a dollar bill's serial number more than once, so ... a Star Note is used to replace the ones in error (notice the note above and the close up on the right). Due to the low production numbers of these type of notes, and their unique attributes, they are considered rare, collectible and painstakingly sought after.